PGE Baltica will expand cooperation with the Gdańsk University of Technology


PGE Baltica, the company responsible for the implementation of the PGE Group's Offshore Program, will be a partner of the 6th edition of the Postgraduate Studies in Offshore Wind Energy at the Gdańsk University of Technology. The letter of intent signed with the university authorities also opens the way to other, further forms of cooperation, which will be used by the Competence Center for Offshore Wind Energy created by PGE.

– We are already connected with the Gdańsk University of Technology by research and development projects and cooperation in the implementation of the specialization in the design and construction of offshore energy systems at the master's degree in ocean engineering. However, we want to use the potential of cooperation to the fullest possible extent, especially when educating human resources needed in our industry. That is why we decided to engage in postgraduate studies that have existed for several years and have already enjoyed a good reputation in the field of offshore wind energy – said Dariusz Lociński, President of the Management Board of PGE Baltica.

– We are committed to many years of cooperation with the university. We are already talking about creating another, more profiled program of postgraduate studies in the field of offshore wind. There are also opportunities for cooperation in engineering studies, training sessions, workshops, jointly organized study visits for high school students - future university students as well as further joint scientific and research initiatives related to projects developed at sea by the PGE Group – added the CEO of PGE Baltica.

– The offshore wind energy sector in Poland will be one of the most dynamically developing in the entire Polish economy only if it is possible to effectively combine the possibilities and competences of scientific centers with industry and business in this field – commented Professor Krzysztof Wilde, Rector of the Gdańsk University of Technology. – This cooperation looks good now, but it should be even closer and more integrated. Offshore wind energy is the future, and the promise we make to future generations and our planet. We have to do everything to keep it – he added.


The formal signing of the agreement was held in the Senate Hall of the Gdańsk University of Technology.

– Postgraduate studies in Offshore Wind Energy are conducted at the Institute of Ocean Engineering and Shipbuilding of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Shipbuilding, Gdańsk University of Technology. We were the first university in Poland to launch postgraduate studies of this type, responding to the needs of the Polish energy sector. From the autumn edition, the lecturing staff will also include representatives of PGE Baltica management – said Professor Marek Dzida, head of Postgraduate Studies in Offshore Wind Energy.

Postgraduate studies in the field of Offshore Wind Energy are conducted as part of the Personnel Competence Development Program for the Offshore Wind Energy sector. During the editions completed so far, approximately 220 people have benefited from the studies. Their sixth edition starts in October. The partner of the studies is the Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society based in Gdynia.

– Cooperation with Polish universities and scientific institutions, in particular those from Pomerania, gives the opportunity to use the local, national contribution to the development of offshore wind energy. This is a very valuable resource for the Offshore Wind Energy Competence Center, which is currently being created by PGE – said Jarosław Tucholski, director of the Innovation and New Technologies Department at PGE Baltica, who is responsible for creating the center.

PGE Baltica cooperates with universities and scientific institutions both in the field of staff training for the offshore wind energy sector, as well as within joint R&D projects for its own ventures - offshore wind farms built in the Baltic Sea. The cooperating universities and institutions include Gdańsk University of Technology, Gdynia Maritime University, Łazarski University in Warsaw, Polish Academy of Sciences - Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery and Institute of Hydroengineering, Polish Geological Institute, as well as secondary schools in Ustka and Malbork.

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