A company created by its Employees

The offshore wind power sector in Poland is a completely new power industry sector. Developing it requires tremendous commitment, a specific strategic perspective and, most importantly, new knowledge and skills. The offshore wind segment will successively create jobs and occupations of the future.

PGE Baltica is currently operating the most advanced offshore wind power projects in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea. The company serves as a center of competence and has major challenges ahead linked to the implementation of offshore investments that will underpin Poland’s energy transition.

To achieve our goal, it is necessary for experts from many fields to work together: environment, engineering, construction, energy, project managers.

We have been awarded the titles of Reliable Employer, Friendly Workplace and Responsible Employer – HR Leader for our human resources management policies. This confirms the application of high standards in this area in a demanding and dynamic market.

Join our team and build the organization of the future with us!


Who are we hiring?


Offshore Wind Farms and Power Output

Employees in this area play expert roles in the processes of wind turbines construction and development, as well as ports for turbine installation and servicing. Management of investment processes. They have in-depth knowledge of foundation design, cable installation and structures used in project logistics. They provide technical support for wind farms. We appreciate the experience in supervising and preparing analyses and technical reports on the impact of offshore wind farms on navigation, safety, communications and the environment.


Project management

Employees in this area manage projects, lead the team, implement and run projects according to schedule, budget, scope and expectations. They maintain project documentation from the construction of offshore wind farms and participate in the exchange of documentation with external parties. They prepare reports and clear project budgets and oversee workflow. We appreciate communication and analytical skills, self-reliance, MS Office, MS Project, MS SharePoint support.


Specialists in the area of finance

They are one of the pillars of the company. One of the main tasks is, first of all, to take advantage of emerging opportunities to obtain sources of financing for the company’s operations (capital), and to place them in assets so that they help to achieve the company’s strategic goals and maximize the benefits achieved by the individual owners of the company. The Finance Department brings together experts in areas such as accounting, controlling, taxation, reporting and financial analysis. Due to its rapid growth, PGE Baltica is looking for specialists and experts to bring their experience to the company that is developing the offshore program.


Development and Innovation

Employees in this area participate in consultations on draft legislation with regulators and digital and energy market participants. They lead M&A processes in the renewable energy sector, creating business and economic analyses for Offshore Wind Farms on an ongoing basis. They manage high-budget investment tasks. Coordinate activities related to the identification, implementation and execution of projects in the area of Innovation and New Technologies. They cooperate with external entities in the implementation of new technologies and innovations, e.g., with universities and industry and technology experts.


Administration and permits

Employees in this area, in addition to day-to-day administrative and fleet care, also secure the conduct of administrative proceedings with the development of ongoing analysis and legal positions. It is thanks to them that we, as a company, obtain the necessary decisions and permits to implement the next stages of offshore wind farm construction. Employees in this area also participate in the preparation for the implementation of the offshore wind farm project with an onshore connection, especially in the field of nature conservation and environmental protection, as well as the analysis of the land planned for the location of energy infrastructure. They also develop feasibility studies for the implementation of investment projects in areas relating to nature conservation.


Purchasing area

Employees in this area develop purchasing strategies for offshore wind farms, and carry out the processes of purchasing proceedings at PGE Baltica. They manage the supply chain for ongoing offshore wind farm projects and the sourcing strategy. They actively seek new domestic and foreign suppliers, and maintain databases in the offshore wind industry. They conduct verification of contractors in terms of Code of Conduct – human rights, anti-discrimination policy, anti-corruption regulations, QHSE, and compliance.

What does recruitment look like?

  • Send application

    Prepare a resume – I will be happy to read an application tailored to the profile of the position you are interested in. Your experience is key for us. Write what you have done so far and in what areas.

  • Now our move

    We carefully review your application. If necessary, we contact by phone to pre-verify experience, skills or issues related to motivation and financial expectations.

  • The first and often the last recruitment meeting

    We make an appointment. Usually, one joint meeting is held with representatives of the HR department and the immediate supervisor or higher level supervisors.

  • Optional – invitation to the second stage of recruitment

    As needed, we invite you to complete tests, participate in an Assessment Center or perform work samples.

  • Making an offer/ Feedback

    We provide information about the completion of the recruitment process. All candidates receive information about its completion. The selected male of female candidate is offered employment by us.

  • Employment and adaptation

    At this stage, we complete all the formalities, and once you start work, we carry out the adaptation process to facilitate your first days at work.