Investment benefits

Benefits for security of supply:

offshore wind farms (OWF) are a stable source of energy

reduction of demand for electricity imports

increase energy independence

Economic benefits:

The OWF is an efficient source of energy

increasing the innovativeness of the national economy

development of a new sector on the Polish market

opportunity for the development of the Polish steel and shipbuilding industries

development of additional services

supporting for the labour market and local entrepreneurship in the Pomeranian and West Pomeranian Regions

Environmental benefits:

production of green Energy

support for energy transformation of Poland towards a low-carbon economy, reduction of CO2 emissions

energy generation that is not invasive to the environment and human health

Social benefits:

large tax revenues for local and state budget

protection of the inhabitants of Poland and Europe against harmful emissions

an emerging economic sector will create new jobs

investments in activities for local communities and urban development in coastal provinces

according to a survey conducted for the Ministry of Climate and Environment, electricity from offshore wind farms would like to be used in households by 76% of respondents