Offshore procurement proceedings

Offshore wind energy is the fastest growing economic sector in the energy industry on the Polish market. This potential can be exploited by becoming involved in the supply chain. This is an opportunity to gain competences, share your experience and become part of a new industry. We conduct our procurement proceedings in order to implement the PGE Capital Group's strategy for investments in offshore wind farms. 

The procurement proceedings for the Baltica Offshore Wind Farm, consisting of the Baltica 2 and Baltica 3 projects, are carried out jointly with the Danish company Ørsted. They have been divided into the following categories: offshore with Ørsted as a leading party, onshore with PGE Baltica as a leading party, and other contracts with the led jointly by PGE and Ørsted (e.g. navigation and technical expert opinions, geological and engineering documentation, consulting services, geological campaigns for the offshore wind farm).

The procurement proceedings for the Baltica 1 offshore wind farm and subsequent offshore wind farm projects are carried out by PGE Baltica.

Proceedings conducted by PGE Baltica are published using the Purchasing System of the PGE Capital Group (SWPP2), which enables suppliers to register and update contact and industry data (procurement category).


Proceedings conducted by PGE Baltica:

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Proceedings conducted by Ørsted :

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Public procurement proceedings planned of PGE Baltica in 2024

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