Offshore procurement proceedings

Proceedings conducted by PGE Baltica are published using the GK PGE Procurement System, which enables suppliers to register and update contact and industry data (procurement category). Currently, after initiating a given procurement procedure in GK PGE Procurement System, known suppliers in the database of PGE Baltica in a given procurement category are sent information about initiated procurement procedures.

Within the Joint Venture of PGE Baltica and Ørsted, there are three main areas of conducting procurement proceedings:

  1. Offshore wind contracts with Ørsted as a leading party.
  2. Onshore contracts with PGE Baltica as a leading party.
  3. Other contracts with the led jointly by PGE and Ørsted (e.g. navigation and technical expert opinions, geological and engineering documentation, consulting services, geological campaigns for the offshore wind farm).

Proceedings conducted by PGE Baltica:

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Proceedings conducted by Ørsted:

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Public procurement proceedings planned of PGE Baltica, Q3 2023:

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