PGE Baltica receives most points in the competition for the new location permits


The special purpose vehicles of PGE Baltica scored the most points in the procedures regarding the location permits (PszW) for areas 44.E.1 and 60.E.4. The Ministry of Infrastructure announced the results of the proceedings on February 10, 2023.


-  The Ministry of Infrastracture has announced the results of applications for new offshore wind areas in favour of PGE Group. These are four new areas in total this year. Granting new location permits will allow us to exceed the PGE Group’s strategic goal – commented Wojciech Dąbrowski, President of the Management Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna.  

Area 44.E.1 with of approx. 121 sq km is located approx. 48 km from the Polish coast. We estimate that we could develop 975 MW. It is located close to area 43.E.1, for which we obtained the highest score in a separate proceeding. Acquisition of the 60.E.4 basin would allow us to develop there a wind farm of 555 MW capacity. This is an area of approximately 77 sq. km, located in the vicinity of our already implemented Baltica 1 project. In January, in a separate proceeding, we obtained the highest score for another area in this part of the Baltic Sea.The area 60.E.4 was applied for by PGE Baltica 5, in which PGE SA holds 66% of shares, and the remaining shares belong to Enea SA.

PGE Group is currently implementing offshore wind projects in the Baltic Sea with a capacity of approx. 3.4 GW. After receiving final location permits, it could develop an additional 3,7 GW in all newly acquired areas in the coming decades, exceeding the 6.5 GW goal set in the strategy.

These are another decisions in favor of the PGE Group as part of the proceedings for new areas for offshore wind energy projects in the Baltic Sea. On January 9, 2023, the Ministry of Infrastructure announced the results of the procedure for area 43.E.1, and on January 25, 2023 for area 60.E.3. At that time, the PGE Baltica subsidiaries also scored the most points.

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