PGE Baltica razem z Państwowym Instytutem Geologicznym na rzecz offshore

The document provides, among others, the exchange of information, experience and professional knowledge related to the geological survey necessary for the construction of offshore wind farms with connections to electricity stations located onshore.

The launch of offshore wind farms will increase the share of renewable sources in energy production in Poland, will reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and will increase the energy security – says Michał Woś, Minister of the Environment, who took part in the ceremonial signing of the document at the headquarters of the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute in Warsaw.

We are the leader in the transformation of the power sector towards low-carbon  energy sources, whereas the construction of wind farms in the Baltic Sea is one of the key projects in this process. The very preparatory stage for the construction of offshore wind farms requires us to do many geological and research activities. The letter of intent signed today with the Polish Geological Institute is another step to implement this important task – says Henryk Baranowski, president of the Management Board of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna.

Offshore wind farms are one of the most popular sources of clean energy widely used in Europe. However, this technology is constantly being improved. The cooperation initiated today with the Polish Geological Institute will help us maximize the knowledge and experience acquired by both parties which are necessary for the implementation of subsequent tasks assigned to the PGE Group Offshore Program – says Paweł Śliwa, vice president of the Management Board for Innovation at PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna.

In the signed letter of intent, both institutions declare undertaking detailed talks and arrangements that are to result in the participation of PIG-PIB and PGE Baltica experts in mutual substantive and operational consultations during project works.

PGE Baltica podpisanie umowy z Państwowym Instytutem Geologicznym

The purpose of the planned cooperation with our content partner will be to support PGE in obtaining the highest quality geological data necessary for the implementation of the investment. These tests are a very important stage of work determining the foundation of turbines and cables at the bottom of the sea. – explains Monika Morawiecka, president of the Management Board of PGE Baltica– Signing the letter of intent with the Polish Geological Institute is another stage, after receiving the environmental decision and wind measurements, of our preparations for the installation of wind farms in the Baltic Sea.

Experts from PIG-PIB will serve their knowledge and experience in research at sea, including assessing material extracted from the bottom of the Baltic Sea. PIG-PIB has the most complete information on the geological structure and resources of the country. It is the result of over a hundred years of work of several generations of Polish geologists. The Institute currently has the latest information on the geological structure of the Polish zone in the Baltic Sea and a team of specialists in this field – assures Eng. Mateusz Damrat, PhD., director of the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute.  

The planned cooperation assumes the assessment of geological works projects, as well as geological and engineering documentation by geologists from the Institute, and further participation in approval procedures and ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Geological and Mining Law.

The expert knowledge and usefulness of the Polish Geological Institute to support industry in such an important and complicated investment as the creation of offshore wind farms is a confirmation of the status of this 100-year-old institution and an example of the right direction of its further development – sums up Piotr Dziadzio, Chief National Geologist and Government Representative on State Policy on Materials.

The Offshore program in the PGE Capital Group includes preparations for the construction of three wind farms:

PGE Baltica rozpocznie współpracę z Państwowym Instytutem Geologicznym
  • Baltica-1 wind farm with a planned capacity of 900 MW;
  • Baltica-2 wind farm, which in January 2019 received a proposal from PSE for technical conditions of connection to the National Power System for 1 498 MW;
  • Baltica-3 wind farm with connection agreement with PSE for 1 045 MW.

PGE Baltica and EWB-1-3 special purpose vehicles are owned by PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna S.A. All three companies have location permits enabling the construction of offshore farms in designated areas of the Baltic Sea.

On 24 January 2020, the Regional Director for Environmental Protection in Gdańsk issued a decision on environmental conditions for Baltica 2 and Baltica 3.  In addition, in February PGE Baltica completed a two-year wind measurement campaign in the Baltic Sea using a floating LiDAR device. The research allowed the collection of high quality data confirming the appropriate wind conditions for the investment.

The PGE Capital Group plans three offshore wind farms in the Polish part of the Baltic Sea (Baltica 3 and 2 by 2030, Baltica 1 – after 2030). Their total maximum power will be up to 3.5 GW.