The Code of Ethics of the PGE Capital Group is a collection of values and principles applicable to the whole PGE Group. The Code specifies the basic ethical values of the PGE Group as well as the standards of conduct expected of its employees, collaborators, contractors, and business partners.

The work culture of the PGE Capital Group is based on the three values of partnership, development, and responsibility. Our primary principles are related to the attitudes towards the company, its employees, business activities, and external relations.


Our values are the following:

PARTNERSHIP – We understand partnership as employees’ identification with the PGE Capital Group and cooperation resulting from such identification; effective and creative, such cooperation leads to the effect of synergy in every area of our activity – for the benefit of our customers, owners, employees and business partners; synergy is the product of good cooperation among the companies, business lines, and other segments, as well as among individual employees and teams. Partnership is relations based on trust and respect.

DEVELOPMENT – We understand development as the continuous improvement of people, organizations, processes, and technologies; it is the creation of conditions for the implementation of innovations and the active search for new solutions. Development requires the courage to introduce changes and to shape a new reality.

RESPONSIBILITY – We understand responsibility as special attention paid to the country's energy security, our company's sustainable development and reputation as a good workplace, and compliance with the highest standards of occupational health and safety; it is the reliability of both the organization and all its employees. Responsibility means our honesty and integrity in all undertaken actions.